Flare gas recovery solutions

Special thanks to GGFR and Worldbank for the support and cooperation in our efforts to eliminate gas flaring and the permission to embed these impressive videos.

"Global gas flaring was an estimated 149 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2016, an increase of 2 bcm from the previous year."

Source: Worldbank, July 02, 2017

In 2016, Nigerian oil industry flared 7.3 billion cm gas equal to app. 20 million tons CO2 or 20% of Nigerias entire carbon emissions.With the wasted gas you could double power generation in the country while reducing greenhouse gases at the same time.

200 people die monthly from gas flaring related illnesses in Niger Delta.


ETEFA entered into a strategic partnership with the largest Nigerian domestic gas distribution company to develop the down stream value chain for buses and trucks.

By end 2018, ETEFA's partner is expected to produce 17,000 cm of CNG | LNG from recovered flare gas. ETEFA will supply G10 gas engines to the project. We target to supply up to 5,000 units per year by 2023.

This project is supported by ADA (Austrian Development Agency) and performed in cooperation with Worldbank's GGFR.



major future Challenges for africa

demographics, food, access to clean water

African population will double from 1 to 2 billion by 2040.


We have both, the chance and the responsibility to make a change and to change our approach to Africa!


The earlier the better!

energy and environment


Dramatic power shortage throughout Africa.

2013, the per capita electric power consumption was 566 kWh in Africa, while we were consuming 8,034 kWh in OECD countries.

In order to ensure a reasonably normal and peaceful development of the continent, energy production must at least quadruple by 2040 given current population growth. That means 20,000 MW new installations every year until 2040!


Education and work

Education, and especially female education is one of the keys to slowing population growth. At the same time education and decent work give hope and perspective, and will also have positive impact to reduce migration.

Unfortunately, doing business with Africa is nowadays still purely resource driven.


frugal innovation

ETEFA focuses on frugal energy and transport solutions for emerging markets.

What is frugal innovation?


Our observation

Western countries have full access to modern environmental technologies BUT they are sensitive in operation, not robust under critical climate conditions, difficult to maintain and expensive.

As a consequence, emerging markets cannot use them and must rely on outdated. technologies.


Our answer

European quality fully competetive against Chinese products

  • Technological excellence
  • European quality manufacturing
  • Simplicity - no frill ("ohne Schnick-Schnack")
  • Affordable excellence
  • Environment sustainability



our Beliefs and values


Africa deserves a prosperous future and it is our goal to provide the best possible support.


We are fully commited to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and

UNIDO's ISID (Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development) program!


ETEFA's technology transfer approach to emerging and developing countries


To foster local employment in target countries, ETEFA fully concentrates on manufacturing of capital intensive systems and components and their integration in Europe and to transfer manufacturing of labor intensive components and assembly to local partners.


This model brings significant benefits to our local partners

  • Access to high end technologies & competences development
  • Local social development and creation of decent jobs
  • Quality education by fostering university cooperations
  • Economic attractiveness, high competitiveness and low risks
  • Access to financing through cheap loans and grants from IFIs and development banks






RABA engines have a long track record

RABA engines are worldwide recognized as one of the best bus engines with a strong historical background and the sole independent European gas engine supplier in the range.

  • Original MAN license - generation 3 upgrade
  • No.1 bus engines in CIS, various markets in Asia and LATAM
  • over 500,000 engines produced
  • G10 engines among the best gas engines worldwide
  • Special features for critical infrastructure and climate
  • Engines are robust, efficient, cheap and easy to maintain
  • Excellent performance: power - torque - efficiency
  • only OEM independent horizontal engines worldwide
  • 20 years of history in gas engines
  • Cost leader at Tier 1 gas engines



ETEFA is an Austrian green tech company with focus on frugal energy and transport solutions for emerging and developing markets and manufacturer of RABA G10 gas engines. Our special technical focus in on flare gas recovery solutions.


ETEFA also transfers engine related application technologies together with strategic European partners (bus, truck, power generation,..).


ETEFA’s objective is to support and empower local players in developing countries through transfer of modern, reliable and affordable green energy and transport solutions for local assembly and manufacturing.


In 2018/19, the lately upgraded RABA gas engine series will be cleared in 4 loops to series production in cooperation with a strategic development partner and the inhouse production of engines (assembly, test, logistics) for prototypes and small batches will be established in Vienna | Austria. Component manufacturing takes place in nearshoring with partners.