RABA Engines

Heavy Duty Gas- and Diesel Engines

  • 6-cylinder in-line / 10.3 liter / 160 to 265 kW 
  • Originally MAN-license (generation 3 upgrade)
  • Horizontal and vertical engine layout
  • Applicable fuels: gas, biogas, diesel, biomass
  • Emission norms: Euro 3 to Euro 5 / EEV

Main characteristics of engines

  • Excellent performance:power – torque – fuel efficiency 
  • Robust under extreme climate conditions 
  • Long lifespan and fuel efficiency even under critical condition

Special features of engines

  • Original MAN license
  • All engines available horizontal and vertical 
  • Only horizontal engines in this range beside Mercedes and MAN
  • 20 years of history in gas engines



Main Applications


  • Big buses and heavy duty trucks
  • Tractors and special vehicles
  • Railway
  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Construction industry
  • Other industrial applications


Energy Centers

Decentral combined - thermal- power generation

  • Generator sets (output: 100-250 kVA)
  • CHP & CCHP (up to 90% energy efficiency)
  • CHP: Combined - heating - power generating systems
  • CCHP: combined-cooling-heating-power generating systems (Outputs - power: 100-250 kVA, thermal: 115-275 kWth)
  • Applicable fuels: gas, biogas, biomass, diesel, synthetic fuels (waste to energy)



Energy center applications

Stationary and mobile CHP/CCHP for industry, buildings, hospitals, small villages, district heating industry parks, office buildings, schools, agriculture, waste disposal sites (bio gas), waste to energy solutions, desalination, construction, disaster recovery with entire emergency infrastructure (e.g. for field hospitals).

Biogas CHP & CCHP for agricultural dryers, shrivellers, oil –press facilities, livestock – raising farms, in slaughter-houses, cold storage depots, fishponds, rotating pumps, airing systems, boiler rooms, aso.

Flare gas solutions for petrochemical industry

CNG filling station solutions and others.





Sustainable Transfer of Technologies

We offer

  • Manufacturing and supply of gas engines and components
  • Licenses for assembly and manufacturing of gas and diesel engines and related application technologies 
  • Sustainable transfer of technology including manufacturing and maintenance technologies
  • Highest quality standards assured by high degree of industrialization and standardization
  • Fully integrated supply chain
  • Technology partnership for ongoing R&D cooperation and support
  • Strong network of experts and universities
  • High competitive local manufacturing costs
  • International marketing platform - access to new markets through the ETEFA Eco System